TalktoWendys – How is Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Guideline?

TalktoWendys is a survey program held by Wendy’s. The purpose of this survey is to collect the valuable information from the customers. Wendy’s survey asks about some aspects and issues related to this restaurant. In fact, Wendy’s survey is beneficial not only for the company but also for the customers. For Wendy’s, the survey is useful to control and evaluate their business. Besides, for the customers, Talk to Wendys is the way to share their feedback. Furthermore, the survey takers can get a coupon code as a survey gift.
The procedure of taking TalktoWendys survey is simple. You can finish the series of questionnaires in a few minutes. Here are the guidelines to take part in Talk to Wendys.

  • Access Wendy’s survey portal.

First, you can start the survey by accessing This address is the old Wendy’s survey website. Besides, you can visit as the new survey site. Even you access the first address, the site will redirect you to Wendys Wants to Know. When you land on Wendy’s survey portal, you can select one of the languages. The default language is English. But, you can change it into French or Spanish.

  • Input the restaurant number and the time of your visit.

Every Wendy’s outlet has a number as an identity. This number is printed on the top section of your receipt. Usually, the restaurant code has eight digits numbers. Then, you need to input the date along with time. It does not matter if you forget it. It is because you can look for this details on your receipt. Wendy’s survey page provides a calendar icon. Then you can click on this calendar icon to choose the date. After entering the time, you can press the Start button. Usually, the site also requires you to write the total amount which you spent in Wendy’s.

  • Finish the survey.

Then, you have to respond the questions asked by Wendy’s. Do not take it too seriously. You just need to provide the answer based on the real condition. The next, there will be a section where you can leave some comments. Being honest is the key to taking the survey. So, you should tell the true experience.

  • Enter your email address.

Entering email address is necessary. It is because Wendy’s will send you a coupon through email. You can redeem the Wendy’s coupon later. In your next visit, you should show the coupon to Wendy’s staff. Then, you are going to get special price for Wendy’s menu.