Dgcustomerfirst – Get $1000 Cash by Enrolling Dgcustomerfirst Survey

About Dgcustomerfirst

Dollar General comes with its high integrity to keep its customers well. Its store tries to keep in touch and understand what the customers want and needs. To reach that purpose, it creates a survey portal. It calls the survey as Dgcustomerfirst.


Via that survey, Dollar General provides a large space to achieve the recommendation and even the complaints from the customers. Later, it will be beneficial to improve DG’s performance. If you want to know more about its store, you can visit Dgcustomerfirst and upgrade your information there.

The qualifications to enroll Dgcustomerfirst

To complete all sections in Dollar General Satisfaction Survey as well as possible, the survey participants should prepare some things. Those things will help them to finish all sections and lead them to be the winner. And, here they are:

  • The first:

The customers should prepare the compactable tools. At least, the customers may use Computer, Tablet, or Laptop to join Dollar General Survey. Even, the customers should use a mobile phone. But, this tool is not recommended.

  • The second:

The next qualification is about the internet connection. The customers should make sure that they have a stable internet connection. Also, the customers should not use the mobile data to avoid the unclear instruction.

  • The third:

Then, to be a qualified survey participant in Dgcustomerfirst, the customers should have good language proficiency. For this reason, the customers should be capable to understand the basic of English or Spanish.

  • The fourth:

The primary qualification in this survey is a survey invitation code. Hence, to get the survey invitation code, the customers should shop in Dollar General supermarket and keep the receipt well. The survey invitation code is available on the last receipt.

The rules to enroll Dgcustomerfirst

Regardless Dollar General Survey is easy enough survey portal. The customers should make sure that they obey the rules inside. And, here they are:

  • At first, the customers must be at least 18 years old customers.
  • Then, Dollar General survey is available for United States’ resident.
  • After that, the survey participant is not the part of Dollar General’ employee or its family.
The steps to enroll Dgcustomerfirst

If it is your first time to join an online survey, you may take attention to some instructions below. Here the steps to join Dgcustomerfirst are:

  • The first (1):

In the beginning, the customers should visit dgcustomerfirst.com. They may use Mozilla, Google Chrome, and so on.

  • The second (2):

In this section, they should enter the survey code, store number, and the date and hours of visit. All information is available on their last receipt.

  • The third (3):

Then, they can give their reviews by answering some questionnaires. In this section, they may rate some like-scale statement from the score one to five.

  • The fourth (4):

After that, they can explore their answer by giving some recommendation, and even a complaint. Here, this site will give some descriptive questions and they must answer it as honest as possible.

  • The fifth (5):

At last, they can send their review and give their personal information. For example, they may give their complete name, email, and phone numbers.

If the reward code appears on the screen, the participants should write it down to their last receipt. Later, they may show it to the cashier and redeem it with the great reward. But, they must make sure that they redeem it in not more than 30 days of the last survey.

The reward in Dgcustomerfirst

By participating in this online survey, the customers may have an opportunity to get a grand prize $1000 cash. Even, they also have a chance to win some great prizes such as free discount and so on. To redeem the reward, the customers can show the reward code to the cashier as the sign that they are as the winner. Okay, it is your turn to take part in Dgcustomerfirst.com and redeem your reward. Best luck!

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